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Can We Talk About Democracy's Sex Appeal?
Common Ground S3 Ep5: Can We Talk About Our Differences?
Ep7 Can We Talk About Freedom? with Timothy Snyder
Can We Talk About How to Help?
Common Ground S3, Ep.3: Can we talk about 'Are we doomed?'
Common Ground S3 Ep6: Can We Talk About The American Dream?
Common Ground S3 Ep5: Can We Talk About Our Differences?
Common Ground S3 Ep2: Can We Talk About Saving Democracy?
Common Ground S3 Ep1: Can We Talk About Appointing Justices?

Watch panelists address specific critical issues. 

Common Ground with Jane Whitney is a nationally syndicated public affairs program that brings together headliners and exceptional artists in town-hall style conversations about the country’s most provocative issues and ideas. The series’ mission is to perpetuate the democratic principle that out of many, we are one by showcasing a multiplicity of voices and by providing a platform to the voiceless.

This episode features moments from last season showing how our panelists found ways to talk to each other, share their insights, fears and feelings and how all of us can come together to make progress on the country’s most debilitating problems.ogram

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These programs are made possible in part by grants from:

CT Humanities, The ForGood Fund, The Illumination Fund, New York Community Trust, Progress Fund & The Seedlings Foundation

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